ShareSpace is Creative Coworking!

Our mission is to create the ideal workspace for independent professionals. Share Space: Rochester (SSR) is a membership-funded co-working environment located in downtown Rochester that is home to software developers, authors, educators, lawyers, small businesses and creatives alike. We promote collaboration and learning among our members, as well as the social interaction of an office environment.

While we're currently looking for space relative to the level of interest, SSR will be located in downtown Rochester and occupy 2,000-5,000 sq. ft. The floor plan will be primarily open with modular desks and chairs; members are encouraged to organize the furniture as desired. A plush lounge with couches and chairs will be available along with an play-area with LEGOS and some other cool to give your brain a break or get the creative-juices flowing. There will be separate conference rooms, accommodating 2-8 people; private phone-rooms will also be provided. And of course, serious square-footage of whiteboards.

This concept sketch is based on this model from Sketchawhat?